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What is WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). According to WordPress.com and Netcraft, WordPress now powers more than 35% of the internet. This success can be attributed to WordPress’ unmatched adaptability, which enables it to be used for everything from small personal blogs and small business websites to powering Fortune 500 companies like Sony Music and the Forbes blog. BBC America, Microsoft News, TechCrunch, The Walt Disney Company, and countless other well-known companies trust this versatile and easy-to-use platform.

With over 1.3 billion active websites worldwide, WordPress is currently used by about 455,000,000 websites, according to estimates. The platform is adaptable, simple to use, fairly affordable, and can be customized to meet all of your needs. WordPress is always being enhanced, and new features are added with every version.

Reasons why you should use this top CMS platform

Responsive experience

User experience is crucial. WordPress is perfect for responsive websites and at WOWWEB, we optimize your website from the bottom up by guaranteeing that it is responsive regardless of the device or browser that users are using, so constantly ensure that it stays accessible to all.

At WOWWEB we take great care to use wisely all the great features this great platform offers to help you build a solid and powerful online presence. Reach out to us for a free consultation and we’ll gladly help you by analyzing your needs and giving you a personalized quote.


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