Web design


Cutting edge technology

The latest design and prototyping software, plugins and add-ons for an unforgettable web experience. Our website code uses the latest technologies from the PHP / MySQL / JQuery / CSS world.

Responsive design

It doesn't matter what device you use to access the site we make, the experience is always professional. Site content will always be arranged in such a way as to use screen space in the most efficient way.

User-friendly administration

Site and content management should be enjoyable and easy to learn. We offer you a content management system that can be learned by anyone in a very short time

Our design and development process

Working with a firm that has experience completing tasks is quite crucial when it comes to web design and development. We have a methodical approach that not only enables us to work with you at your pace but also fosters an environment where you feel empowered to take part in the process. After understanding your needs and goals we’re closely collaborating with you on this project. Our website design and development process has multiple steps that ensure that you always gets what is needed to further your company’s goals

Step 1

Planning, documentation

Everything about you is important to us! We ask a ton of questions about your company or organization as part of this first step, complete a discovery questionnaire, learn about your favorite websites and previous ones, and more. We’ll also research the niche you want to enter with your website, analyzing the trends and your competitors. Thorough documenting work is the basis of a successful web project.


The adventure starts here! WOWWEB’s designer will endeavor to build a unique design, particularly for you, based on the details you supplied and those we researched at the first step of the process. A full-page first idea of the home page will be supplied for your evaluation and input, along with a style guide for color, typography, and device responsiveness. Since this is a collaborative effort, we want to know what you think and to receive your thoughts and input at every stage.

Step 2
Step 3


It’s time to start building when you give your design the green light. The finished concept will be transformed into a functional website by us. When everything is finished, we’ll provide you a private URL so you may preview and test your new website. This offers you the chance to try it on all of your devices, ensure that all of the links and buttons function properly, and choose whether or not the graphics and text arrangement appeal to you.

Populating with content

Once every page contains content, a website is finished. We hope that you put a lot of effort into phases 1-3 so that you have content prepared for phase 4. You should make sure you’ve addressed all of your consumers’ inquiries because they’ve come to your website for a specific purpose. Every website needs content.

We’ll take your material and format it so that it looks amazing and is simple to read on each page.

We also partnered with several copywriters too (in different languages) to help you create the best business texts for your online marketing needs. We also collaborate with photo or videographers who can create the best visual assets to conquer your niche.

Step 4
Step 5


We proceed to the testing step after the development and content phase. The testing phase’s goal is to confirm that each page functions and looks fantastic. To make sure there are no problems or defects, we thoroughly test each page of the website, examining its structure, content, and functionality on every type of device.


Deployment time has arrived! That indicates that you have reviewed, authorized, and are prepared to launch your website to the public. We’ll handle all the technical aspects of this procedure, including loading it into your server or the hosting account we offer you through our hosting plans, making it live, and performing any necessary debugging. We’ll make certain Google is aware of its location.

Step 6
Step 7


The launching of your website is just the start! We’ll arrange a training session so that we can guide you through managing your website and address all of your questions. At this point, we’ll also talk to you about your alternatives for support and maintenance.